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Rachel & Brad's Wedding

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This past weekend, I was able to work with Brad and Rachel to record their wedding ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church in Wooster.  I really loved this church- it has all of the classic looks of some of the great older, grand churches in our area: amazing stained glass, wonderful woodwork, high sculpted ceilings... The church looked great, of course, but only enhanced the beauty of the moment for Rachel and Brad.

I was able to be with the couple before the wedding as they prepared at the nearby St. Paul's Hotel.  It was neat for me to be able to record how much fun they were having with their bridesmaids and groomsmen as they got ready for the ceremony.  There was lots of laughter and jokes and it was so cool to be there to witness it all.  

As we got closer to the acual ceremony, the emotions of the wedding took over.  I asked both Rachel and Brad if they wanted to record any personal message to each other on video before the ceremony and they both wanted to think about it.  What do you really say in these times anyway?  As it turns out, taking time and preparing really won't help.  It seems that it is best to just speak from the heart and let the emotions lead the way.  Brad agreed to say a few words moments before the ceremony:

I think this only shows how much Brad loves Rachel and it was such an honor to record this moment.  I hope that they'll be able to watch this back in 50 years and remember exactly how they were feeling moments before they said "I do".

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