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Chelsea & Rick's Wedding vs. COVID-19

Rick and Chelsea first contacted me back when no one thought twice about handshakes or hugs. Gatherings of people were encouraged with the common phrase, 'the more, the merrier'. People only worried about masks at Halloween. It was a different world back then, before COVID-19.

The wedding planning process began. They planned on following in Chelsea's grandparent's footsteps by marring the Immaculate Conception Church in Dennison and holding their reception at the Knights of Columbus just a block away. Unfortunately,

their plans were unexpectedly put into question thanks to the new normal of social distancing and limiting crowd size.

In the battle between the virus and Chelsea and Rick's love the winner is clear. Love always wins and nothing was going to stop the Ross wedding on June 13, 2020.

The victory wasn't without its challenges however. In the days before the wedding, orders from Governor Mike DeWine were altered to lesson the restrictions on weddings in the state, allowing the guest list to expand slightly from the 50 people they had trimmed their list to, but they still were not able to celebrate their big day with everyone that they would have liked due to continued restrictions.

Having served as the wedding videographer for Lucas and Carly Ross, I know that the Ross family can really tear up the dance floor, so when the restrictions on dancing at weddings was lifted just days before Chelsea and Rick's wedding, I knew that the family would be happy!

Despite the COVID concerns, the day was absolutely perfect for the newlyweds. The weather was wonderful, Chelsea looked like a model in her amazing dress, and Rick was handsome as can be.

I am so happy that I was able to preserve Chelsea and Rick's big day and I am glad that they will always have a beautiful wedding video that they can watch again and again to relive all of their amazing memories of the day.


I was inspired by the words of the priest during Rick and Chelsea's wedding mass. Marriage can be simplified so easily in thinking that you have one job to complete: get your family to heaven. What a great way to think about it and a wonderful goal for Rick and Chelsea to work to achieve throughout their lifetime together!

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