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Will Wedding Videography Ever Win Against Photography?

I’ll admit that the title of this post may make it appear that this is intended to be a video vs. photo argument, but it is nothing of the sort. Let me make this clear right away- photography for your wedding day is important and I recommend it for everyone. I think when most couples begin the planning process, they include a photography package as a part of the essentials, right along with a wedding dress and wedding rings. My message in this post is simply to examine why wedding videography is not deemed to be an essential part of every couples’ wedding day plans?

As a wedding videographer, I enter the planning process at different points for different clients, as you might imagine. In almost every initial contact I have with a couple, they have already selected a photographer. Now, in fairness, a lot of couples will get engagement photos taken and they use the same photographer for their wedding day, which I approve of in all cases (again, I’m not here to bash photographers!). Countless times, I have had couples who inquire about videography, but have used up their budget already are not able to afford it. This is always so heartbreaking for me because I know the power of an amazing wedding video and I wish that everyone would make it a priority when planning, rather than thinking about it as an afterthought.

If you talk with couples who hired a videographer, they’re always pleased with their decision. They are happy to have made the decision to invest in video as a way to preserve their big day. They love being able to share their video with friends and family after the wedding. I’ve had couples tell me that they look forward to watching their video as a part of their anniversary celebration every year. I know that couples who have a wedding video will love sharing it with their children and grandchildren as the years pass by. It’s exciting to think that your wedding video is a chance to preserve a piece of your history so that you’ll always be able to remember how your story was started.

I’ve seen countless stories where couples mark their greatest regret is that they did not hire a wedding videographer. It’s a day that only happens once. You’ll plan every little detail out so that it is absolutely perfect. Isn’t it worth the investment in videography so that you can watch it back again and again?

You’ll love your wedding photos and they’ll have a special place on your walls and within your photo albums. Will we get to a point in time when couples place an equal importance on wedding videos too? I’m afraid I cannot answer that question and only time will tell. I can answer the call from any couples who contact me about their wedding videography and I can guarantee that I will do everything I can to preserve their wedding day, every big moment, all the fun, all the excitement, all the joy, on video so that couples can watch all of those moments again and again.

Are you interested in learning more about how Big Day Video can preserve your big day on video? Feel free to contact us today...even if you have already hired a photographer.

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