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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my video after filming has been completed?
    Filming is only a small part of your video project. At Big Day video, we want to be sure that your video is perfect, so we take the time to make all of the necessary edits to pull in the best of all that we record. This can be a long process and many hours of work go into each video we create for our clients. Because every project is different, it is difficult to say with 100% accuracy how long your project will take, but generally you can expect that you'll have a finalized video within 12-16 weeks of filming. In all cases, a timeline will be provided for you and your specific needs before the project starts. We also update you on our progress frequently as the editing process is completed.
  • What type of equipment does Big Day Video use?
    We use several different cameras to capture as much as possible for your video. All of our cameras shoot in High Definition which look wonderful on today's televisions and projectors. Video is obviously important, but we also use microphones to capture crystal clear audio. Small mics can be added to the lapels of the groom & officiant in a wedding, for example, to clearly record the vows that are often softly spoken. After the video and audio is recorded, we use a combination of Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to edit the clips into a video that you'll love.
  • I see that raw footage can be provided. What does this mean and how is it shared with me?
    During a typical project, we may record hours and hours of video. This video is all edited down into the final video. Some clients enjoy having a copy of the raw video clips that were used to make up the final video. We can provide these clips to you on a flash drive or hard drive so that you can keep them for yourself. These raw files are typically saved as either MP4, WAV files or AVCHD files. You may need to check your computer or media player to determine if these files will be able to play for you.
  • How can I be assured that I'm happy with my video?
    We want you to love your video and take the planning process very seriously so that we can customize your video to meet your exact specifications. This meticulous planning usually helps us to craft the best possible video for you, but if you have any issues, we will work with you to resolve them and offer one additional editing session free of charge if you are not happy with your video.
  • I'm outside of Northeast Ohio, will Big Day Video be able to work with me?"
    Maybe! This depends on how far away you are and what you're looking to do. In this case, it is best to contact Big Day Video and we'll discuss the possibilities.
  • What if I want extra copies of a video?
    No problem! We want you to be able to share your video with friends and family so we can work with you to make sure you have enough copies for everyone. We can also provide you with a digital version that you could share through the internet and social media sites. Big Day Video will keep your video files stored for one year after your event so that we are able to produce extra copies if needed, even after you receive your final video.
  • How do I pay for my video?
    We accept cash, check or Paypal for payments. A down payment is required to hold dates for weddings and other events. The final balance is due on or before the day of the event. We will work with you to establish a payment plan that will work for you if necessary.
  • We are getting married in Ohio, but live out of state. How would we be able to get our video?"
    If we aren't able to hand deliver a final video, we will send it by mail. We like to also meet with our clients before we shoot so that we can get to know you and what you expect from your video. If we are not able to physically sit down together, we can meet by phone. As we work on the video editing, we like to keep you informed on our progress, so we can keep in touch through email and by phone. Although you may be far away, we'll keep in contact throughout!
  • Do you work on outdoor weddings?
    Of course! Outdoor ceremonies and receptions can give some of the best, natural lighting which can make your video look extrodinary! Sadly, we can't control the weather, so it's important to know that this can create some issues with the way that your wedding is shot. For example, I typically shoot a ceremony with multiple cameras, but in the event of rain, high winds, or other extreme conditions, several unmanned cameras can create a safety concern for your guests. I will do everything that I can to record your day, even in the rain, but I will always look out for the safety of others and my equipment in doing so.
  • What if I change my mind, or cancel my event?"
    If you decide to cancel your event after we have a signed agreement, we will have already collected a portion of our payment. Because we hold your date upon receiving this down payment, we may be turning other potential business away. We will try to work with you, but reserve the right to keep this down payment. This is customary of most event venues, videographers, photographers, and other vendors. If you do cancel an event, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • I have already hired a photographer for my wedding. Will this be an issue?
    Not at all! Photography for weddings is wonderful. We provide Videography, which while similar, is so different because we capture all of the movement, sounds, and energy of your big day. We have worked alongside many different photographers and we have successfully been able to get our shots without getting in the photographer's way. We feel that it is extremely important to work well with other vendors at your wedding and will maintain a high level of professionalism as we interact with everyone at your wedding.
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