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Educational Videos

When I’m not working as a videographer, I am teaching middle school students Math. I’ve been a teacher since 2002 and have seen a lot of changes to the field in that time, specifically in technology and how it is used to deliver lessons and assess students. When I first began teaching, advanced schools had computer labs with iMac computers, which you might remember as the giant colorful monitors. Now, kids will carry a small Chromebook around the school just like it’s a textbook or folder.

The availability of computers and the access to the internet has really changed the way students learn and certainly the way that I teach. I obviously love creating videos and often make them for my students and school.

Sometimes I take the time to create some special effects, like in the following video, which I created to show students how to use a plot chart. I don’t often get to use a green screen for wedding videography, so it’s kind of fun to get creative with it every now and then:

Every year, I put together a video for my classes as a way of saying goodbye. I edit together shots of activities that we’ve done and it usually gets some laughs and tears.

I’ve recorded the 6th grade choir concerts the last few years so that the students can watch it back as a way to self-assess their work. Staff members and teachers who aren’t able to see the show also love to watch this back. It’s a great way for me to use my talents to help my school.

As I said earlier, I am currently teaching 6th grade Math, and have created a YouTube channel for my students. I call my channel, The After Math, since students can watch a video after math class is over to help them better understand the material from the lesson. My channel has become pretty popular with my students and they seem to respond well to my video lessons and reviews.

The majority of the videos that I can share feature me, recorded by me, and edited by me. For the sake of student privacy, this is the way it needs to be done, which is okay by me. Recently, I enlisted the help of my four-year-old daughter, Lacey, to take on the on-screen role for a video that I made to help my students feel more comfortable working remotely because of the school closings and COVID-19. It wasn’t always easy to work with a preschooler as my talent, but I’m. Dry excited about how it all turned out. Check out Lacey’s video here:

I love creating educational videos for my students and it again reminds me of the power or video- it allows students to tune in wherever they are and at any time to see my lessons and hear my message. Some may watch once, while others will re-watch multiple times. With video, the lessons become exactly what each student needs at that time. The video reaches every student and meets them wherever they are and can help to address any questions that they may have.

Would you like more information about educational videos, or would you like help creating your own educational video? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

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