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Kaser Wedding Mannequin Challenge

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Mannequin Challenge- Wedding Edition

I first learned about the Mannequin Challenge a few weeks ago on the news.  It seems simple enough, you just strike a pose and stand still.  There have been sports teams, schools, choirs, and other groups participating, so I wasn't shocked when Taylor told me that she was planning to do the Mannequin Challenge at their wedding reception.  I had never filmed one before, but I knew it would be fun for all of the guests and I was excited to be a part of it!

The Kasers held their reception at The Barn in Sugarcreek, Ohio- it's a wonderful, rustic setting that literally is a refurbished barn that had cows in it just two years ago.  The dance floor is located in the middle of the barn and Taylor and Matt's friends and family had it packed.  When the DJ began to play the song, I immediately heard some comments from the guests, "Hey, it's the Mannequin Challenge song!"  While most knew what to do, the DJ explained the process for the rest.  Everyone struck a pose and we were underway!

I loved it!  Matt and Taylor were frozen in a kiss, the junior bridesmaid was taking a selfie, some were in the middle of a dance move, and others literally looked like mannequins.  I got up close to people, weaved in and out of the crowd, and even under the outstretched arms of two ladies who were stopped still in the middle of a toast.  I probably stepped on someone's foot along the way, and you might hear my apology in the video, but with such tight quarters on the dance floor, it was bound to happen.

I was thoroughly impressed at everyone's commitment to the challenge.  Watch the video and you'll see what I mean, there is very little movement.  Even when I got up close with my bright light, I don't see any blinking or squinting.  I'm not sure I would be able to do the same if I were in their position!  My favorite part is at the end when the entire dance floor broke their poses and bursts into dancing and singing- such an awesome atmosphere!

I messaged Taylor after the wedding and she was amazed by the video.  It has over five-thousand views and almost sixty shares on Facebook, which is incredible.  I think that every wedding has those special, unique moments that couples always remember and I hope that this will be one of those moments for Matt and Taylor.  I like to think that when they are older, they'll be able to tell their children and grandchildren about the time the world stood still on their wedding day- and they'll always have the video to prove it!

This video is a good example of why I love wedding videography so much.  It brings me great joy knowing that I was able to take a special moment like this and preserve it forever.  I guess it is kind of ironic that I was able to freeze a moment in time when everyone was frozen in time!

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