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What You Should Know About Raw Footage

As a wedding videographer I offer raw footage to clients, but you may not fully understand what raw footage is or why anyone might want this as a part of their videography package. If you’ve been wondering about raw footage, you’ve found the right article!

On any given wedding day, I will record using multiple cameras and audio recorders hours of content. Following a wedding, I take these files, back them up on my computer and separate hard drive, then complete the long process of selecting the best clips to include in the final edited videos. The end result includes all the best images and audio recordings of the day so that you’ll be able to look back at it fondly for a lifetime. Simply put, raw footage is the collection of all these files.

I do not edit these files, so you’ll get these in their straight-from-camera state, or raw. You’ll see the shots that are beautiful and the shots that are blurry. You’ll hear the best man’s toast with crystal clear audio, and also hear a version where his voice is overpowered by your Aunt’s coughing. Sometimes I’ll shoot your friends dancing because I anticipate incorrectly that something interesting will happen. It’s just 30 seconds of’ll get that clip, too. If I shot it, you get it. That’s raw footage.

Due to the fact that all of these files take up a massive amount of data, I deliver raw footage on an external hard drive, so that you can view the files by connecting it to a computer. Many smart TV's now also have USB inputs and can play these files as well through the VLC Media Player App. Watching all the moments of your big day might be a fun way to spend some time with your new spouse!

Are you a video editor, or have an interest in it? When you order raw footage as a part of your videography package, you’ll have access to all the files and can edit your own wedding video. This may be a way to save some money and help your wedding budget.

Are you considering raw footage for your wedding videography? Let’s talk about it! Contact Big Day Video today!

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