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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Wedding Videography

I often hear from couples who are looking to book a videographer for their big day a few months before their wedding.  It seems that a wedding video takes a back seat on the priority list to flowers, cake, photography, DJ, limousine service, and others.  I completely understand that budgets are tight and weddings can be expensive, but I wanted to share a few things that I really wish everyone knew about wedding videography:


I love when a memory pops up on my Facebook feed from years ago... it's fun to look back at old photos or read some of my old posts, but there's something different about an old video.  When you're able to see and hear everything preserved on video, it's a special moment where you are able to immediately put yourself back into that place in time and instantly recall all of your thoughts and emotions.  This amazing phenomenon is only amplified when are able to do this with the most special day of your life- your wedding day!  I love old pictures, cards, and letters as much as anyone, but there's nothing like watching an old video back and being flooded with all of the feelings of your big day.


Through the years, video technology has changed quite a bit, however video has always been transferable to the newest players and devices.  As an example, my parents had an old reel to reel video of their wedding in 1967 that was transferred to VHS, then to DVD, and now they have a digital copy on their computer's hard drive.  No matter what happens in the next 50, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding video will still be accessible and you'll be able to share it with your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!


Every one is unique and every marriage is unique.  There is no other love story like yours and at Big Day Video, we work to make sure that your story is told to suit your marriage, your day.  Prior to working with couples, I like to hear stories about engagement surprises, wedding plans, and hopes for the future.  This helps me get to know you and allows me to tailor a video that best captures your individual and unique wedding day.  I'm always willing to brainstorm ideas with you and truly want to make the perfect video for you!


No matter if you're planning a small wedding at the court house, or a giant event where you invite everyone you know, a wedding video has a way of capturing your day perfectly so that you'll always be able to remember every single moment.  


Sometimes people think that a video camera and a tripod are all you need to make an amazing wedding video, but it simply isn't the case.   I invest a lot of time before a wedding, working with my couples,  scouting locations, planning out my shots, and preparing for all of the events of the wedding day.  During the wedding, it's like an intense workout!  I try to be everywhere at all times and accomplish this with a host of professional cameras.  I use professional lighting, a variety of microphones, a drone, camera stabilizers, along with batteries and memory cards for everything.  Needless to say, I come to every wedding with a lot of equipment!  After the wedding day, the real work begins, as I spend hours working at my computer to review each audio and video clip and create the perfect edited video.  In the end, a wedding videography project adds up to countless hours, pricey equipment, and a certain extent of physical and emotional exhaustion, but it's all worth it when I'm able to deliver an amazing wedding video!

Interested in learning more? I always offer free consultations and am happy to chat about your Big Day! Feel free to contact me!

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