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Jenn & Andy's Historic Wedding

Jenn and Andy planned their wedding ceremony at Sonnenburg Village in Kidron, Ohio.  If you're not familiar with the venue, it's a small patch of land dedicated to preserving historical buildings.  

While the ceremony was performed outdoors near a small pond and windmill, the church on the grounds was dedicated over 100 years ago.  More recently, the building was moved to Sonnenburg Village and restored to maintain it's original charm.  

The church building isn't the only historical building on site at Sonnenburg Village, there are several other buildings and at the time of Jenn and Andy's wedding day, they were laying the groundwork for yet another building to be moved on site.

Sometimes the venue just fits a couple, and I'd say that that would be the case for these two.  They have one of those historic loves that is clear by looking at the way that they interact with each other and their families.  How fitting that the beginnings of their historic love would begin on a location dedicated to preserving the history of some of the areas most treasured structures.

Congrats Jenn and Andy!  I hope that you'll always be able to remember your big day!

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