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That Time I Met Tyronn Lue

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In my experience, you never know what will happen at a wedding.  Who's going to catch the bouquet?  How will they react?  Will the goofy uncle jump on the dance floor and do the worm?  Will the bride's niece be able to complete her flower girl duties or will someone need to carry her down the aisle?

It's that unpredictability that I believe makes wedding videography such a great investment.  When everything is captured on video, you'll have the power to watch these unforgettable moments over and over again with your family and friends.

I'm used to these moments during a wedding and reception.  I've developed the ability to always be on the lookout for what's going to happen next and I'm always ready with my camera to record it all as it happens.  I don't usually expect amazing things to happen after the reception as I'm waiting for my car, but that's exactly what happened after filming Pete and Kelly's wedding in Downtown Cleveland this fall.

I had just finished packing up all of my gear after an epic party at the Westin to celebrate Pete and Kelly's wedding.  Since they have valet parking, I was waiting outside along the sidewalk for my car.  It was a particularly beautiful night for mid-October in Cleveland.  It was nice to catch some fresh air and reflect a little on an unbelievable night.  One of the valets came over to me and said that he couldn't believe that Ty Lue was there.  I was still in a moment of meditation, so I had to ask what he was talking about... it didn't enter my mind that Tyronn Lue, head coach of the NBA World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers could have been at the Westin at the same time as me.

It was true!  According to the valet, he pulled his car up and asked them to watch it while he went in to use the bathroom.  I was between wrapping my mind around the fact that Coach Lue just stopped for a potty break and checking out his car when he walked through the double doors and onto the sidewalk.

What do you say to the man who led your favorite basketball team to its first NBA championship?  I didn't know either, so I just said. "Hey coach, congratulations!"  

He shook my hand, shook the valet's hand, got in his car and drove away.  Was that real?  I don't consider myself to be a super fan or someone who gets carried away with someone's celebrity, but on this occasion, I was a bit blown away.  I guess it was the unexpectedness of it all- it really caught me off guard, but it's a small moment that I'll always remember... and I wish I had it on video so I could share it with all of my friends and family.

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