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Father Plays First Dance Song for Daughter

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There's a special connection between a father and daughter.  It's common at weddings to see the father-daughter dance, which is always good for a few awe's from guests.  It's a sweet moment, no doubt, but for Dan Fleishour, he stepped up and put in his nomination for dad of the year by playing a song for his daughter and son-in-laws first dance.  

It's one of those unique moments that I'm glad I was able to capture on video.  Brian and Mel will no doublt watch this over and over again through the years!  It literally gives me goose bumps thinking about how cool it will be for them to share this special moment with their future children and grandchildren!

Check out the video below:

As a fellow father, it's easy to be super jealous of Dan's awesome wedding day jesture, as anyone would be, but to be fair, Dan is a wondeful musician who has been playing music his whole life.  I still think about the possibility of playing a song for my daughter's first wedding dance- I just hope she likes the sound of a kazoo!

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